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Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you don't see what's on your mind, reach out to us anytime through support email at or through our contact page.

I am looking for a franchise opportunity, what can I do?

Unfortunately, our business model does not cater to franchising at the moment! If we ever do, you'll find more information about it here on our website.

I want to contact the marketing team, what do I do?

For any Marketing related inquires, feel free to contact us through our marketing email
And for any collaboration requests you can access it through our collaboration request page here.

I want to work at Pillars, where do I apply?

Please check out our Career Page to submit your profiles or email us at and share your CV to our recruitment team 

You can also find our news on our Linkedin Page.

I want to report an incident at one of your restaurants, what do I do?

We take mishaps at our concepts very seriously, you can contact a customer care agent through any of our concept pages and they will take all the necessary steps to amend the situation and follow up on it until it is resolved.

I want one of the concepts to cater an event i'm having, who do I contact?

You can contact us through the collaborations page with a simple form to fill out if it is a public event. 
Unfortunately we do not cater to private events.

I am a supplier or service provide and want to provide my product or service, who do I contact?

We welcome all kinds of success partners that can help us in our vision, you can reach out through the contact page or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How can I know more about the restaurants? 

Each concept has an instagram page that contains comprehensive information about branches, menu and most relevant information. 
If you can't find that one piece of information you need, you can send a direct message to the account and customer care will help resolve any inquiries you might have.

If I have a restaurant and want your company to operate as a franchise in Saudi, who do I contact?

Our business model and DNA is against importing/operating franchises - we only develop new and original concepts that cater to the Saudi Market to have total control 

Will you open any restaurants outside of Saudi Arabia?

Our vision is to export brands to the world, but for the near future we are only focused on our country and home. 
Pillars will focus on expanding with Saudi Arabia for now.

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