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Some stories start off in the most unexpected ways, ours continues to flourish with the same determination and passion for food that it started with.

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Pillars is a Saudi food and beverage company that creates and operates concepts with real market value.

Exploring culinary niches and building a formula of unique flavour combinations, reasonable prices and exciting ambiances, that will bring people together to enjoy themselves and the concepts that we create.



Burger Concept 

Jeddah / Riyadh / Makkah/ Khobar/Dammam

Handcrafted contemporary casual burger joint , the original burger recipe that started it all.

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Doughnut Concept 


A modern twist on an all time favorite, Dots serves fresh artisanal handcrafted doughnuts with no preservatives in a friendly cafe setting - pair it with your favorite coffee and treat yourself

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Asian Latin-American Fusion 

Jeddah / Riyadh  

Celebrating the beauty of multicultural bridging, we tell the story of Asian Latin-American Fusion through Baos and Tacos.


Serving it in a unique tapas dining experience, Baco is an experience to be had when in Jeddah.

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